Large UK fund management and pension company:

  • Infrastructure delivery management: Completing a long-runnning project to modernise batch processes;
  • Security project management: Managing up to 5 simultaneous small projects to improve overall IT security;
  • Managing small teams across each of the projects;
  • Ensuring compliance with standards, producing plans, project reports, and managing project finances.

Major UK Bank:

  • Infrastructure delivery management: Upgrading file transfers across the entire estate to ensure compliance with best security and operational practice;
  • Managing a team of up to 5 project managers and a multi-million pound spend.

Major UK Bank:

  • Infrastructure delivery management: deploying infrastructure to support system monitoring toolsets (HPE uCMDB and UD; HPE OMi);
  • Managing multi-platform technical teams and a substantial 7 figure budget;
  • Deploying software “agents” onto >30,000 Windows and Unix servers across the estate;
  • Integrating the new tools into the existing management systems.
  • The system was required to meet audit and regulatory requirements to improve incident and change management processes, and to improve overall understanding of the deployed assets and their inter-relationships.

Major UK Bank:

  • Infrastructure programme management: coordinating infrastructure projects across a team of 6 project managers, delivering infrastructure to support a major mortgage upgrade programme as part of a retail transformation programme;
  • Upgrading hardware and software across a number of application platforms, in line with agreed tactical and strategic designs;
  • Managing finances and resources across the programme;
  • Working with in-house (multi-country) and external application vendors and system integrators, with a high focus on project governance and compliance with regulatory requirements in the banking industry.

Major UK Bank:

  • Infrastructure project management, building and managing test and production environments to support a major, multi-phase retail banking system as part of a retail transformation programme;
  • Test management and incident management working with staff based across the UK and in India, to solve problems and improve the quality of the delivered system;
  • Working with a large team of technical specialists, deploying IBM facilities including WebSphere, CICS, MQ, and AIX-based mid-range IBM hardware;
  • Supporting the deployment of an application upgrade based on Wintel/Citrix/Sybase, designed to ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

Major UK Bank:

  • As part of a strategic insourcing programme, manage the process to redeploy up to 100 IT staff who would otherwise have been at risk of redundancy;
  • Establish managed services contracts to fill the gap between resources being required and becoming available, and liaise with suppliers to coordinate the take-on of the temporary resource.
  • Identify issues around lack of visibility of hardware and software contracts and licences, and support the resolution of these issues.

Retail and wholesale business:

  • Project managed end-to-end retail and warehouse integrated system;
  • Introduced novel technology based on wi-fi and voice recognition;
  • Benefits exceeded all expectations and turned a failing business around.

Utility company:

  • Developed recommendation for data warehousing solution;
  • Post-implementation review of Geographic Information System;
  • Business design to accommodate deregulation of the energy market.

Offshore Oil contractor:

  • Set up IT department from scratch including recruitment of staff;
  • Introduced new infrastructure to support offshore installations (drilling rigs and production facilities);
  • Project managed office refurbishment and relocation, including the provision of all IT and telecoms infrastructure, coordinating all building work, and managing all aspects of the relocation.

Police force:

  • Developed technology strategy and roadmap;
  • Managed desktop and back-office technology refresh;
  • Senior Supplier for HR and Data Warehouse implementation projects.

Public sector Shared Services organisation:

  • Developed and negotiated SLAs and associated service catalogues;
  • Recruited and established Customer Relationship Management team;
  • Member of senior management team that transitioned 9 IT teams into one organisation.

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