Archerfield House, Gullane

Archerfield House, Gullane

Archerfield House, GullaneELN_0010
CountyEast Lothian
AddressArcherfield House (Plan ELN_0003)
NGRNT 5053 8412
ArmsNisbet of Dirleton
Blazon[Argent]; on a chevron [Gules] between three boars heads erased [Sable] as many cinquefoils of the field, in the honour point a thistle slipped [Vert]
Cresta dexter arm issuing out of a cloud and holding a balance, all proper
Mottosnone (but should be DISCITE JUSTITIAM)
Materialsandstone, carved
Datearms registered c.1676, Volume 1, p.194 (Gayre); house late c17
Conditiongood (2), some surface scaling and erosion. Crest appears to be modern replacement
Conservation riskmoderate (2)
NotesArcherfield House was built for William Nisbet of Dirleton in the late c17. Armorial panel is located on wall above balcony above main door on Frontispiece.
ReferencesBalfour Paul. 1903. An Ordinary of Arms, 2nd edition, p. 67, entry 999 (1680-87)
Gayre, R. 1969. Roll of Scottish Arms, Vol.2, p.311
McWilliam, C. 1978. The Buildings of Scotland: Lothian except Edinburgh, p.77
ImagesC_016088 (C_016091 for whole building)


My holidays define how I am feeling about my work. It’s something that I have long understood, and this year has re-affirmed my view. So, what do I mean by that? Surely holidays are holidays, and work is work, and never the twain should meet? That is true up to a point, but what I mean is that if I do think about work when I am on holiday, my feelings at that time are a very good indicator of how I am enjoying my work.

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Social Media as a tool

Social Media as a tool

My daughter has just spent a weekend organising a big social event that will be at the heart of her University’s “Rag Week”, along with half a dozen other students. I have to say that I was highly impressed with her commitment, her practical approach, and the amount of attention to detail that has gone into the event. If her customers – the other students who will attend the event – don’t enjoy it, it won’t be for lack of effort by the organising committee.

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Performances or projects?

Performances or projects?

The 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival is drawing to a close as I write this. If you’ve been to Edinburgh in August, you will have experienced the incredible vibrancy, lunacy, and energy that is the Fringe Festival. With thousands of shows, street theatre (even in the rain), tens of thousands of visitors, and every nook and cranny turned into a performance venue, there can be few events anywhere in the world to match it. Some people go to just a couple of shows, while I know of one person who was in the audience for one hundred and thirty five different shows – comedy, theatre, and music – during the 2011 festival. That’s commitment!

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A simple model for change

A simple model for change

Business Models can help or hinder. Some are so impenetrable that they defy all efforts to understand them. Some are so trivial that they don’t increase understanding at all. I picked up a simple yet helpful one a number of years ago, which is great for covering the important factors when getting started with a change initiative. At that time it was called the four box model, but a colleague subsequently added a fifth box (thanks Jim!) Now, there’s a bargain: 25% extra, at no extra cost!

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Old lessons for a modern World

Old lessons for a modern World

How can a 500 year old book possibly be relevant in today’s society? A fair question, but many religious texts are far older, and they still mean a great deal to the faithful of their respective beliefs. I’m actually referring to “The Prince”, Nicolo Machiavelli’s best known book, written in the early years of the 16th century.

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